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KAZAF Engineering Co.

Kazaf Engineering Company has established its self as a leader in Hydraulic and Pneumatic products in India and has served the Indian Industries with high quality Hydraulic and Pneumatic products since 1967.

Having a extensive technical product knowledge in the Hydraulics and Pneumatics field
We have introduced many quality products over the years to benefit our customers.We are a diverse family of engineers, technical experts, and technicians, each with a wealth of experience. The group is a team of over 70 production associates. Despite the difference in backgrounds and experience, the team has one thing in common: total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our warehouses are of a modern design concept and provide a safe storage to our products. Our main warehouse is provided with a work bench to test /inspect certain products before delivery to our customers. We have also expanded our business by adding a retail store that can supply most of the products over the counter.

Our clients include large and small industrial houses, power and process industries, oil and gas companies and shipyards

Due to our high quality products and services our products are now used globally.